Shelley Burnham Art

Shelley Burnham grew up in Melbourne where she studied advertising at RMIT. Upon moving to Sydney she began to pursue her passion for art, Shelley initially painted in watercolour under the tutelage of Pam Sackville before making the switch to acrylics and oils with Juliet Holmes à Court and mixed media with Pamela Cowper.

Shelley’s paintings are executed with a deep sensitivity and an obsessive passion for her craft. Her great love and appreciation of the Australian landscape is a backdrop to Shelley’s acute observations of life. Her multi-faceted paintings often include a quirky sense of humour and childlike honesty and observation. Each painting is imbued with a magic and whimsical quality that is brought to life by her command of colour and texture.

“I think it is really important in our fast paced lives full of distractions vying for our attention to just take a step back and be present – to experience the moment for what it is and to engage with it. That feeling is what I have tried to capture in paint.”
– Shelley Burnham 2019